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For web developers, sometimes it is necessary to run a re-occurring task on the web server, such as sending out emails for notifications, or doing a periodic update without interaction from the client. On UNIX-like Operating Systems, the well-known Cron is a simple to use option, on Windows, it’s Task Scheduler. In this tutorial, I will step through the process of setting up a scheduled task to have a web script executed periodically.

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URL Rewriting is a powerful feature for web servers that provides the ability to modify a web page’s URL to display a more friendly links for users and relevance for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For Apache web server users, a mod_rewrite module is readily available, however, for IIS 6.0 users, it’s not. (For IIS 7.0, a URL Rewrite Module has been introduced.) In this tutorial, I’ll introduce a free URL Rewriter for IIS 6.0 (and later), how to install it, and the recommended method of usage.

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Despite my lack of updates, I’ve noticed based on search query logs of visitors arriving on this website, a lot of them are regarding installing PHP 5.3 on IIS. Due to the fact that you can no longer use ISAPI with PHP 5.3, I’ve had the same frustrating experience as others when I was trying […]

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Microsoft now has an official SQL Server Driver to use with PHP on IIS. This is a huge and step forward for PHP/SQL Server developers since beginning with PHP 5.3, the usually packaged MSSQL extension has been deprecated.

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Beginning from PHP 5.3, PHP can only be installed on IIS via a CGI Handler, and no longer through ISAPI. In this tutorial, we’ll step through the details of how to set up FastCGI and PHP on IIS.

Thursday, February 18th, 2010 at 20:40 | 24 comments
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Update: I’ve started an IIS Tutorial Series on Talking to SQL Server with PHP on IIS which contains more details of this installation. It’s been a while since I’ve touched on the issue of having PHP 5.3 talk to a MS SQL Server on IIS (without using ODBC or other connection methods).  Last time I’ve […]

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Update: This article is considered outdated. I’ve started an IIS Tutorial Series on how to install PHP and FastCGI on IIS 6.0. With the release of PHP 5.3.0 introducing a lot of new features and bug fixes, it also comes in with a lot of changes for Microsoft IIS users.  The biggest one of them […]

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Ever since I’ve began creating web applications that include more and more Javascript, some of my own, and some such as Javascript libraries and plug-ins, the need for me to optimize the amount of data to transfer to the client becomes more imporatant.  I’ve found that compressing your Javascript is one of the simpliest things […]

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Update: This article is considered outdated, and is only valid for PHP versions before 5.3. I’ve started an IIS Tutorial Series on Talking to SQL Server with PHP on IIS, which is valid for any versions of PHP 5.2.4 and later. I have been pulling my hair trying for many hours to connect to a […]

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For the last year to two I’ve familiarized myself quite a bit with AJAX and was able to leverage its power in providing a seamless user experience with so-called Web 2.0 style of web development and design.  I’ve began AJAX with simple XMLHttpRequest (XHR) to request HTTP data from the server.  Then, I’ve stepped up […]

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